101 Ways To Cash-In During This Pandemic eBook

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“101-Ways to make money this pandemic” is a self-help book to give you an idea of the different ways to be productive and earn money in your free time. This book contains 101-proven methods to earn money online, courtesy of people who made a quick buck using them. Being able to try most of them right from your phone and an internet connection, even if you’re completely new to this or feel lost, don’t worry; from writing articles/poems, dusting your DSLR skills, all the way to selling your own graphics online, there’s something for everyone in here. A regular student can start implementing most of the 101-ideas instantly as they don’t need big-scary investments upfront or any crazy technical skills. We even took the liberty to point at resources and drop some tips to get you started for a few sure-shot ways. The book includes wonderfully curated resources for each and every 101-Way of Cashing-In, making it the perfect follow guide to complement to your productive quarantine.


If you have always dreamt about starting a side hustle or earning money through multiple streams, then you’re on the right page! The internet has created a ton of different ways for you to make money online whilst sitting at home. When you receive paychecks from different sources, it allows you to have more choices in life and enables you to take calculated risks. More income means more options, more options equals freedom. The best thing about it is, it enables us to get productive while you stay indoors amidst this pandemic. Moreover, you can avoid worrying about your financial situation during and after the lockdown period by making money online and taking advantage of the current upswing in e-commerce space.

| More income | More options | More options | = | Freedom |

The best thing about all this is that this book costs as much as a pizza but I assure you it’s healthier than a pizza is and helps you earn money. Your mind is your greatest asset and the internet is our friend. Grab your copy now and make money from home, starting today!